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❀ Mimiku Tattoo ❀

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I am a young tattoo artist since September 2019 specializing in projects geekdisneykawaiicolorful anime.

In April 2021 I opened my own tattoo studio Inkphoric Tattoo. Tattooing and drawing have always been part of my life.
From a very young age I was passionate about it and knew that one day I would make it my career.

Here I am at the age of 26, doing the most beautiful job, being able and having the chance to tattoo my art is the most beautiful thing in the world. I am constantly trying to surpass myself and my limits.

For me, values are important when it comes time to create a drawing and a tattoo. I try to create unique designs that you won't be able to get elsewhere, I do no reproductions of already existing project and do not tattoo twice the same project.
These values are very important to me in order to create a bond of trust with my customers. I would be described as a smiling person, with a lot of interpersonal skills and attentive to people's requests and requirements.

In my eyes, a satisfied customer is the greatest success, and I would be more than honored for you to be part of this success.

It will be my pleasure to serve you and make your dream project come true! ♡

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