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✧ The Mad Inker Tattoo ✧

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I am a young geeky and bearded tattoo artist, always looking for coffee, who officially debuted in February 2022 in the world of tattooing!

I was trained at Don Design for 1 year to finally join the family at Inkphoric one year later.


Before that, I was studying cinema to become a director like my idol: Tim Burton!

Since my childhood, I have always been a fan of films and anime, which is greatly reflected in my style of tattooing, and in the conversations I have with my clients while I smear them with ink !


Don't be surprised if one day you come to see me, and you hear me speaking in Japanese or saying movie lines!


My style? I especially love doing projects such as geek related to movies, video games and anime, but I also like to do projects such as Nordic or more dark and creepy!

Whether in color or in black and gray, never mind! I love doing both!


The only thing I haven't done yet is realism, but I'm slowly starting to practice so I can make some soon!


My biggest priority when tattooing you is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result, and that we have fun during the session.

Seeing the smile on your face at the end of the tattoo is the best part of my job!


Looking forward to meeting you, and having the chance to butter your skin one day!

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